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 Academic Courses

 A collection of 40,000 courses and lectures of famous fellows, doctoral advisors and master advisors from domestic well-known universities has such functions as comment, note taking, schedule and favorites.

 English Learning

 The Library of Koolearn is a comprehensive learning platform with network courses, teaching managements and multimedia interactive functions. The “Eng24” comprises five course series: Study abroad, Practical English, Professional English and other languages learning.

 Children’s Science

 Here are a total of 5 series 100 episodes animation for children, including Animals in Forest, Insects World, Natural Science, Stories of Plants, Sea World and so on.

 Cartoon and Animation

 The content refers to European and American fairy tales, Chinese folktales, Chinese Idiom stories, Science & Celebrity stories and Chinese & English songs. It can be used as teaching materials for teachers from kindergarten to middle school and as self-learning resources for students.

 Music Library

 It includes 500,000 tracks of classic music from 9,000 artists from medieval times to modern times, of over 100 kinds of instruments.

 Musical Opera Library

 There are 400 operas, ballets, musicals, and so on.

 Audio Materials Library

 There holds 30,000 pieces of Chinese-English audio materials, including poetry, fairy tales, English reading, etc..

 Voice Library

 The Voice Library contains 8,400 items of audio books and music programs. It has many columns such as Joke Crosstalk, Children's Stories, Famous Books, Classic Music, Elite Training, Enterprise Management, Health Care, Language Learning, Storytelling, Cantonese Opera, and Knowledge of Life.

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