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 Brief Introduction to Digital Resources

 After years of efforts and development, Dongguan Library now owns over 1.5 million E-books, 10,000 periodicals, 28 million papers, 60,000 videos as well as 50,000 sets of examination resources. With the principle of being convenient for all patrons, Dongguan Library integrates different resources and implements digital resources identification system to realize the unified identification and management of patrons.

 General E-Books (Apabi、Superstar、Shusheng)

 More than one million e-books of all subjects are available for reading on line and downloading, such as about the latest literature, economic management, historical biography and nutrition science.

 Comic E-Books

 Comic E-books owns 6,000 items, covering subjects of history, martial arts, mythology, and entertainment and so on.

 Reference E-Books

 More than 2,000 kinds of reference e-books have over 10,000,000 entries which are from encyclopedias, dictionaries, directories and so on.

 Comic Strip E-Books

 Comic Strip E-Books owns 1,500 classic items for online reading.

 Almanac E-Books

 More than 2,000 kinds of almanac e-books have more than 8,000,000 articles which are from Local General Yearbooks, various Trade Yearbooks, Statistical Yearbooks and so on.

 Firstsearch Catalogs

 WorldCat catalogs and ECO-Index database of FirstSearch, the well-received parts by libraries, have been integrated to provide such services as Online Public Access Catalogue and thesis index, whose information is from world-renowned libraries and some relevant suppliers.

 Children E-Books

 Children E-Books owns diverse collections of original e-books, videos, audios and other multimedia resources, including preschool reading, literature, popular science, education and so on.

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