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Introduction to Dongguan Library

 Financed by Dongguan Municipal Government, Dongguan Library is a large modern cultural facility to promote the power of the urban culture and perfect the urban functions. On September 28, 2005, the new building of Dongguan Library was officially opened to the public. With a floor space of 44,654 square meters, it is the largest library in prefecture-level cities of China. It also houses many different collections, such as the first Comic Library, the first Self-service Library and Cantonese Opera Library in Mainland China; Library of Daily life (clothing,food,housing & travel), IT Library, Dongguan Collection, Taiwan Collection, and so forth. Additionally, the Children's Library in Guancheng District with a floor space of over 9,000 square metres is also governed by Dongguan Library and began trial service to the public in October 2011. It includes a Toy Library, Parent-child Paradise, Classic Works Collection for Children, the Elder’s Library, Self-Service Library, Cantonese Opera Library, Reading Service Centre, etc.

 Dongguan Library has always tried to emphasize that a library should not be a decoration but a practical societal necessity. With a collection of more than 2.3 million volumes, over 1 million kinds of E-books, 9,000 kinds of E-periodicals, 25 million papers, 2,000 pieces of multimedia courseware and 5,000 videos, the library offers a variety of services including lending, consultation, and providing audio-visual materials. The Library organizes various activities such as lectures, training courses, exhibitions, academic exchanges, and salons. It launched a series of innovative and convenient projects for citizens, including a "24 hours self-service" point, "work courses for new Dongguanese", "bookmobile", "online circulation and learning", and the Dongguan Learning Centre to further satisfy the reading demands of the masses. The 24-hour self-service access has spread to 32 towns across the city. The Library plays an important role in people's cultural and leisure life with more than 2 million annual visitors, and approximately 1.6 million annual borrowings.

 With Dongguan Library as the central library, Dongguan Library System comprises 51 branches, 102 service stations and 123 basic service points. Being a full coverage and 24-hour clustered network, the Library System is able to offer the public a convenient environment and collaborative service of “One Card for All”. In order to promote mass reading, Dongguan Library and the branches organized continually seven Dongguan Reading Festivals from 2005 to 2012, which attracted a total of 22,800,000 people to participate in over 2,300 activities. Dongguan Library has gained awards and highly praise from Governments of China, Guangdong Province and Dongguan City all these years. In 2006, the Ministry of Culture of China awarded the “Advanced Unit of Public Cultural Facilities Management” to the Library. In 2006 and 2008, Dongguan Library was awarded as “Mass Reading Advanced Unit” by Library Society of China. In 2009, Dongguan Library became one of the first seven “Mass Reading Bases”. In January, 2007, as one of 15 award programs, its program “the Mode of Regional Libraries Cluster Management and Joint Development” which based on Dongguan Center and Branch Library System was awarded as “Second Innovation of the Ministry of Culture”. In June, 2008, the Library was honored with the International Creative Award by the president of American Library Association, and highly appreciated by professional institutes all over the world. Dongguan Library achieved a great success in Dongguan library industry. In December, 2011, the Library received the honor of “National Civilized Unit”. In November, 2012, another prize of “Dongguan Government Quality Award” was given to the Library.

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