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Books, illuminate the soul - "Interview with 100 readers"

Interviewer: Qiao Zhen,Librarian of Dongguan Library

Interviewee: Liang Zile, a prisoner in Dongguan prison

Interview time: early July 2017

Qiao: Is reading important to you when you enjoy freedom? After breaking the law, come to Dongguan Prison, Dongguan Library provide you with a dedicated reading service, how much do you benefit from it? With the arrival of a book mobile car twice a year, how many books can you borrow each time? In addition to the books that the library provides for you, can you get books from other sources?

Liang: Reading is very important to me. In the book I can find the emotions, comforts, legal knowledge, etc. I need.

I basically didn't borrow books on the book mobile car. The only way to get books is the book buying activity of the prison organization. But now there is no such activity for more than a year.

Qiao: Do you have time to read books every day in prison? Is there a reading group in prison to share reading? Do you often write reading notes after reading?

Liang: Basically, I do not have time to read books. The review of the self-study exam is also completed in a squeezing time. The learning effect is very bad, and the teaching materials are often not available. There is no reading group in prison, and it is strongly recommended that each district organize it. This is a good opportunity to read more books, read good books. It is a good deed to be able to establish a sound and complete reading system, and it is not in conflict with the discipline of supervision. After reading, I will write my thoughts and take notes. This is my habit. As a correspondent, I can still write a manuscript, let the text enrich and wash my mind.

Qiao: Is reading a big help for you to reflect on the mistakes you have made? Has your current outlook on life, values, and worldview changed?

Liang: Reading has greatly helped me in my reflection. At least now I will calm down and study the Criminal Law Amendment (IX) of the People's Republic of China. In the past, when I was free, I relied on lawyers and thought that the law was only a public device controlled by rule-makers, and I even wanted to become the rule maker. This is a change in outlook on life, values, and worldview. To be precise, it was the prison that made me read a good book. Unfortunately, this opportunity is too little and too little, and time and space are too narrow.

Qiao: Is there a complete reading plan for your sentence? Do you imagine sitting in a bright library reading room after being released from prison, free to read?

Liang: I have a complete reading plan during the sentence:

1. Study the "Amendment of the Criminal Law of the People's Republic of China (9)";

2. Re-examine the Oxford Dictionary and recapture the words that have been forgotten;

3. Screening for readings in the field of computer operating systems, finding an entry point, completing unfinished research outside, and creating a completely new computer language.

It is a pity that the first two items can only be completed here. The latter one is strictly limited by objective conditions and can only be completed after regaining freedom.

Reading itself is part of life. Once upon a time, when I was working, I was still a freelance internet writer. I wrote about social assessment, political theory, psychoanalysis, prose, and novels. Due to the nature of the work, I rarely used the reading room of the library and was used to e-reading, but this did not prevent me from gaining knowledge and temperament from the book. Before being sentenced, our company is a major terminal of the university data alliance in South China. The server can provide electronic document backup of the national university library.

Qiao: The book is a ray of sunshine in reality. How do you understand this sentence? why?

Liang: When I read the book carefully and page by page, I found that the soul that is dark and chaotic will slowly become brighter. Therefore, I sincerely hope that the prison leaders can fully pay attention to our eagerness to serve the prisoners, open our door to reading, and under the effective supervision of supervision and discipline, try to create a relatively open reading and learning environment, let us The dim, bleak heart regained its light. Here, solemnly: Thank you!

Qiao: What are your expectations for the library?

Liang: I hope that the prison and the library organize several book-buying activities every year, so that we can buy books that we like. I especially want to buy a book.

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