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Yi Du Book Club

Yi Du Book Club was founded in September 2014, and its members include Dongguan library staff, Dongguan library readers and members of other book clubs in Dongguan area.

Yi Du Book Club uses the reading promotion publication Yidu hosted by Dongguan Library as a platform and 423 space station on the fourth floor of Dongguan Library as base, carries out various kinds of reading activities. Such as good book sharing, book appreciation reading, famous forum, etc.

 At the same time, Yi Du Book Club takes the reading promotion as their duty, actively pay attention to and closely contact the major book club in Dongguan, and become the bridge of communication between the various book clubs in Dongguan. The first reading activity was held on the morning of September 5, and the theme was "poetry appreciation in the Mid-Autumn festival". Up till now, Yi Du Book Club has been held 49 times, which has developed into a famous brand of Dongguan library.

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